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Combative and Sportive Filipino Martial Arts



     Allan Fami Filipino Martial Arts Center (AFMC) specializes in Filipino Martial Arts known as Kalahi Martial Arts System(Kamao ng Lahing  Hinirang). It is  an FMA system combining techniques of several  Filipino fighting styles into an effective combative Martial Arts.

       We teach our students first to use weapons and defend themselves against them. When they learn to defend themselves against  weapons,then  it is easier to learn to defend themselves against an unarmed opponent. 

     Our system includes hand and weapon techniques. Empty hand techniques are based on the paths of the weapons. The weapon is only an extension of the hand. FMA to be effective, combines several different martial arts and it focuses on reacting instinctively. It is ”an art within an art”.

        We cater to the needs of our students. We are teaching combative for self defense and  Sportive Martial Arts for those who would like to join competive sports like Arnis  and MMA Tournaments.

Highly Trained blackbelts


One-on-One Personal Training


 On the picture is young actor, GERALD ANDERSON,on one of his home training with Master Allan Fami

Group Training for Beginners





2010 Summer Beginner's Arnis Lessons conducted at PICC.

We prepare our students to  Arnis Sparring Competitions

We join competitive Arnis Tournaments




On the pic is the 2009 National Arnis Encounter participated by our students.

Here,you can see the synchronized Anyo performed by AFMC students

We train foreign nationals

   Kombat Weapons Knife fighting blades and training knives                                


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Telephone No.  :  +63 2 937.5785 /+ 632. 272.0286

Mobile No.         :  + 639155747081

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Celebrities trained with AFMC


AFMC trained celebrities Gerald Anderson(ABS-CBN) and Alex Angarita (US Survivor Fiji Finalist)  


Our Chief Instructor

Master  Allan S. Fami is  a  Lakan 7 (7th Dan blackbelt) of  IPMAF- Kombatan.  His martial arts expertise came from the founders of  IPMAF Kombatan. He is a direct student of Grand Master Ernesto Amador Presas Sr. and his son Grandmaster Ernesto "Janjan" Presas Jr. 

His 16 years Martial Arts background; learning and teaching Kombatan martial arts made him  an effective and dedicated trainor. He has sufficient training experience including training foreign nationals, law enforcers, peace keeping officers and martial arts enthusiasts both for combative and  sportive martial arts.

He is very eager  to propagate our own  Filipino Martial Arts so it may be passed on to the next generations.



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