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Combative and Sportive Filipino Martial Arts

Master Allan Choreographs ,Buhawi Jack Arnis Fight Scenes

ABS CBN's executive producer for BUHAWI JACK,contacted Master Allan Fami to handle the Arnis training of its cast . By the recommendation of Gerald Anderson,Master Allan's Arnis student.

Several Arnis sessions were attended by the cast; Gerald Anderson, Jewel Mische, Philip Salvador, EJ and Ralph Fernandez.






Philippines' Premiere TV Station,ABS-CBN  features ALLAN FAMI COMBATIVE MARTIAL ARTS CENTER in its show, "Kabuhayang Swak na Swak".The show caters to all but its main format is  to give upbeat  business ideas , practical tips and business success st

Combative Arnis,is one of the emerging  businesses with potential. As such,it should be given promotion like any other foreign martial arts in the country. 

Bayan Productions chosed AFMC to showcase this Filipino Martial Arts.

Students of AFMC enjoyed the video and camera takes during their usual training session.

Free Kombatan Training Every Sundays at Deparo Caloocan

Being keen on propagating Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) and discovering new Arnis sportsmen  who can compete on National level Arnis Tournaments, Master Allan S. Fami  offers free Kombatan Basic training every Sundays 9:00 to 12 am at Deparo Caloocan City.

In tie up with Barangay 168 and Knights of Columbus, this Sports Program also  aim to encourage the youth to be actively involve in  sports and teach them discipline thru Martial Arts.   

Allan Fami Combative Martial Arts Center to participate in the  2009 National Arnis Encounter

Hard  training is now ongoing for AFKoMAC students joining this big event on November 27 to 29. Master Allan Fami's students from Pampanga, Culion Palawan and from Cedric Sports Center will join force to come up with an excellent  performance for that much awaited event. Full contact sparring, Individual and synchronize Anyo are among the events the team is preparing.

Goodluck guys, Aim for Golds!

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Our Chief Instructor

Master  Allan S. Fami is  a  Lakan 7 (7th Dan blackbelt) of  IPMAF- Kombatan.  His martial arts expertise came from the founders of  IPMAF Kombatan. He is a direct student of Grand Master Ernesto Amador Presas Sr. and his son Grandmaster Ernesto "Janjan" Presas Jr. 

His 16 years Martial Arts background; learning and teaching Kombatan martial arts made him  an effective and dedicated trainor. He has sufficient training experience including training foreign nationals, law enforcers, peace keeping officers and martial arts enthusiasts both for combative and  sportive martial arts.

He is very eager  to propagate our own  Filipino Martial Arts so it may be passed on to the next generations.



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