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Hi! This forum is for all Kombatan and AFKomMAC students. Timely issues and concerns are being discussed here. Pls. avoid foul words and indecent pictures in posting . Let us be sensible to others. One more thing, bragging is not allowed here. Only sensible comments will get into prints. 



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Hi There and Good Day! Im from Pulilan Bulacan Im interested in learning this Martial Art but there is no clubs or any representative body from your exclusive organization that we cant find here especially in other neigboring towns. If in any case you will open a club especially in the towns of Malolos and Baliuag, kindly inform me, I recently registered and joined your websites for updates, it will be a good idea if you can open a branch here, I will happily urged my friend and colleagues to join.

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Our Chief Instructor

Master  Allan S. Fami is  a  Lakan 7 (7th Dan blackbelt) of  IPMAF- Kombatan.  His martial arts expertise came from the founders of  IPMAF Kombatan. He is a direct student of Grand Master Ernesto Amador Presas Sr. and his son Grandmaster Ernesto "Janjan" Presas Jr. 

His 16 years Martial Arts background; learning and teaching Kombatan martial arts made him  an effective and dedicated trainor. He has sufficient training experience including training foreign nationals, law enforcers, peace keeping officers and martial arts enthusiasts both for combative and  sportive martial arts.

He is very eager  to propagate our own  Filipino Martial Arts so it may be passed on to the next generations.



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