Allan Fami Combative Martial Arts Center (AFMC)

Combative and Sportive Filipino Martial Arts

2011 Summer Arnis Training

AFMC will conduct Arnis Summer Training at Manila and Makati beginning April up to May . Weekends Classes at Planet Jupiter in Makati while weekdays ( Tuesdays and Thursdays) at Adamson University.

This Summer Classes will cover Combative Arnis basics and Self defense using Empty Hands.

Total of 16 sessions ,twice a week training at two hours per session. Certificates shall be given for completers. 

Summer Arnis Training for Beginners        Posted on April 10,2010

AFMC offers Summer  Arnis Training for Beginners starting April 10 to May 29,2010. This will take place  at  PICC grounds (between Sofitel Hotel and Film Center). This beginner's class will have a total of  16 sessions for the 2 months duration.Certificates will also be given to those who will complete the training.

Registration Fee: Php 50.00

Per session: Php 50.00

 Required Outfit: Jogging pants,rubber shoes and T-shirts

Weekends FMA Training at CEDRIC SPORTS CENTER    Updated April 24,2010

AFMC conducts classes every Saturday and Sunday at the 3rd Floor of  Cedric Sports Center (upper level of UltraMega Deparo,Caloocan City.)

Courses Offered are: Arnis, Mano-mano and Philippine Weaponry

  • Membership: Php 600
  • Per session: Php 150 non -member
  • 100 for members

Free Kombatan Martial Arts Training November to December  2009                                                     Posted on Octber 24,2009

Every Sunday  8 to 11 am at Deparo Covered Court,Deparo Caloocan City

In Cooperation with Barangay 168 and Knight of Columbus Deparo,Free Basic Martial Arts Training is being offered to all interested Deparo residents.Everybody is welcome.

Registration forms are available at the Barangay Hall.

2009 National Arnis  Encounter Training              Posted on September 24,2009

On Sunday, September 27, All participants to the big event are expected to attend the Orientation,Briefing and Practice to be held at Cedric Sports Center 10 am, onwards.

All players from Kombatan Pampanga will join and train with CEDRIC SPORTS CENTER Arnis Players.

Be ready with your ethinic costume ideas for the Anyo individual and synchronize .Kita kits.

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Our Chief Instructor

Master  Allan S. Fami is  a  Lakan 7 (7th Dan blackbelt) of  IPMAF- Kombatan.  His martial arts expertise came from the founders of  IPMAF Kombatan. He is a direct student of Grand Master Ernesto Amador Presas Sr. and his son Grandmaster Ernesto "Janjan" Presas Jr. 

His 16 years Martial Arts background; learning and teaching Kombatan martial arts made him  an effective and dedicated trainor. He has sufficient training experience including training foreign nationals, law enforcers, peace keeping officers and martial arts enthusiasts both for combative and  sportive martial arts.

He is very eager  to propagate our own  Filipino Martial Arts so it may be passed on to the next generations.



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